Product Returns

Within 30 days =

  • Purchased from Lee Precision
    include a copy of your invoice and return the item to the factory. We will give you a refund on the purchase price less shipping

  • Purchased from another vendor = 
    return the item to the factory and we will give you full retail merchandise credit towards purchase of another item.

30 + days = Lee Lifetime Guarantee

  • Any Lee product of any age or condition that is currently manufactured, will be reconditioned to new if returned to the factory with payment of half the retail price + shipping. 

Product Repair or Returns

There are two options to obtain a warranty replacement part:

  • The replacement part is free, you are just be responsible for the shipping to your residence. You can place your order for the part through our website. The free part price will appear once you add the item into the shopping cart. 
  • Mail the part in to the factory at the address below for a no charge replacement.

To return an item for repair, please fill out the form here.

Our address:

Lee Precision, Inc.
4275 Highway U
Hartford, WI 53027