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    Bullet Casting

    Exlusive Lee Bullet Mold features:

    • Feature trochoidal venting on the mold face and sprue plate mating surface. Unique venting allows consistent and effortless fill out.
    • All Lee mold blocks are machined from aluminum because of the exceptional molding qualities
    • The mold cavities are CNC machined for unmatched roundness and size control
    • Most bullets from Lee molds can be used as cast without sizing

    Double Cavity Molds 
    All molds for pistol calibers are double cavity to speed casting. Handles and sprue plate are included.

    Hollow Base Molds
    Available in single cavity only. They have self centering automatic core pins for the fastest possible molding. Handles and sprue plate included.

    Six Cavity Commercial Quality Molds
    These are made for heavy duty volume production. The mold and blocks have steel bushing and alignment pins for lasting precision. Price includes a cam operated sprue plate to eliminate the pounding common to ordinary molds. The sprue plate is hard anodized and held down with wave washers at each end. No finer mold can be purchased at any price. Handles extra, but priced low enough so you can have a set for every pair of blocks. View video from FortuneCookie45LC on casting using our 6 cavity bullet mold

    Eighteen Cavity Buckshot Bullet Molds 
    Produce 18 linked pellets per cast. Easily cast 3,000 pellets per hour. Handles extra.

    WarningWARNING: Melting and casting lead objects will expose you and others in the area to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer. For more information, go to See instructions on Reducing Exposure supplied with product.