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Challenger III

From $117.00

Ultimate Turret Press

From $320.00

Deluxe APP Press Kit



  • Press
  • Roller Handle
  • Priming System
  • Universal Case Feeder
  • APP Deprime Kit
  • Bottle Adapter

Six Pack Pro Press

From $400.00

Ultimate Turret Press Kit

If you are thinking about starting to reload, you found the best place to start. Reloading indeed saves you money, and no manufacturer saves you more than Lee. Our mission is simple: Produce the best American made value in reloading tools.

Full-fledged production of the Six Pack progressive began early 2023. The promise of the easiest of presses to setup and operate came true. Many thousands are now in circulation and we are finally in stock on all sizes.

The “extra stations” on the Six Pack spawned a new product, the Lee Inline bullet feeder. ALERT if you try the bullet feeder, you will be hooked. You will never again fumble around balancing a bullet on the case mouth. There are few things that speed up loading like an auto bullet feeder. Within days of introduction, Classic Turret Press owners began asking for a 5 hole turret so they could use the Inline bullet feeder and continue use of the Factory Crimp die. Sorry but there is not enough “real estate” to add the fifth hole.

Announcing the Ultimate Turret Press. The most advanced automatic tool changing turret press ever made. All the treasured features of the Classic Turret press have been retained, and a host of new features added. Some of which are interchangeable tool carriers in 3, 4, 5 and 6 position. All configurations allow auto indexing with a new, nearly indestructible indexer. Tool carriers are fitted for absolute minimum vertical clearance and remain supported on the circumference so no tipping or tilting is possible! Automatic case ejection and case catcher built in, ergonomic balanced roller handle and machined for the Lee Breech lock quick change die system. 

Check out our complete line of reloading and casting equipment on our site, then visit your local merchant. If you are not blessed with a local dealer, one of the many online dealers will quickly and economically fill your order.


John Lee
February 7, 2024