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APP Breech Lock Bullet Sizing Kit

Sizing Bullet Sizing Bullet

Size bullets as fast as you can pull the lever on the Lee App press

.221 (custom over-run).307 (custom over-run).368 (custom over-run).441 (custom over-run)
.222 (custom over-run).308.370 (custom over-run).442 (custom over-run)
.223 (custom over-run).309.373 (custom over-run).443 (custom over-run)
.224.310 (custom over-run).375 (custom over-run).444 (custom over-run)
.225.311.377 (custom over-run).445 (custom over-run)
.228 (custom over-run).312 (custom over-run).378 (custom over-run).446 (custom over-run)
.233 (custom over-run).313 (custom over-run).379 (custom over-run).447 (custom over-run)
.243.314.380 (custom over-run).448 (custom over-run)
.244 (custom over-run).315 (custom over-run).381 (custom over-run).449 (custom over-run)
.247 (custom over-run).316 (custom over-run).382 (custom over-run).450 (custom over-run)
.248 (custom over-run).317 (custom over-run).385 (custom over-run).451
.249 (custom over-run).318 (custom over-run).389 (custom over-run).452
.251 (custom over-run).319 (custom over-run).392 (custom over-run).453 (custom over-run)
.252 (custom over-run).320 (custom over-run).393 (custom over-run).454
.253 (custom over-run).321 (custom over-run).394 (custom over-run).456 (custom over-run)
.254 (custom over-run).322 (custom over-run).396 (custom over-run).457
.255 (custom over-run).323.397 (custom over-run).458 (custom over-run)
.256 (custom over-run).324 (custom over-run).398 (custom over-run).459 (custom over-run)
.257 (custom over-run).325 (custom over-run).399 (custom over-run).460 (custom over-run)
.258 (custom over-run).326 (custom over-run).400 (custom over-run).461 (custom over-run)
.259 (custom over-run).327 (custom over-run).401.462 (custom over-run)
.260 (custom over-run).329.403 (custom over-run).463 (custom over-run)
.262 (custom over-run).330 (custom over-run).405 (custom over-run).464 (custom over-run)
.263 (custom over-run).331 (custom over-run).406 (custom over-run).468 (custom over-run)
.264 (custom over-run).335 (custom over-run).407 (custom over-run).470 (custom over-run)
.265 (custom over-run).337 (custom over-run).408 (custom over-run).474 (custom over-run)
.265 (custom over-run).338 (custom over-run).409 (custom over-run).475 (custom over-run)
.266 (custom over-run).339.410.476 (custom over-run)
.267 (custom over-run).346 (custom over-run).411 (custom over-run).477 (custom over-run)
.268 (custom over-run).348 (custom over-run).413 (custom over-run).478 (custom over-run)
.269 (custom over-run).350 (custom over-run).414 (custom over-run).492 (custom over-run)
.270 (custom over-run).351 (custom over-run).417 (custom over-run).495 (custom over-run)
.272 (custom over-run).352 (custom over-run).419 (custom over-run).498 (custom over-run)
.274 (custom over-run).353 (custom over-run).424 (custom over-run).499 (custom over-run)
.278.354 (custom over-run).425 (custom over-run).500 (custom over-run)
.284.355 (custom over-run).426 (custom over-run).501
.285.356.427.502 (custom over-run)
.289 (custom over-run).357.429.503 (custom over-run)
.293 (custom over-run).358.430.506 (custom over-run)
.295 (custom over-run).359 (custom over-run).431 (custom over-run).507 (custom over-run)
.298 (custom over-run).360 (custom over-run).432 (custom over-run).508 (custom over-run)
.300 (custom over-run).361 (custom over-run).433 (custom over-run).510
.301 (custom over-run).362 (custom over-run).434 (custom over-run).511 (custom over-run)
.302 (custom over-run).364 (custom over-run).436 (custom over-run).512 (custom over-run)
.303 (custom over-run).365 (custom over-run).437 (custom over-run).514 (custom over-run)
.305 (custom over-run).366 (custom over-run).439 (custom over-run).515 (custom over-run)
.306 (custom over-run).367 (custom over-run).440 (custom over-run) 

Diameter not listed? Click here to order a custom size.

Using other brand of press? Click here to order a breech lock update kit.

Minimum bullet diameter = .221" | Maximum bullet diameter = .515"

Bullet Sizer and PunchLee custom over-run Bullet Sizer & Punch sizes cast bullets, also seats and crimps gas checks.

 view product instructions

Use in conjunction with the Breech Lock Bullet Sizing KitBreech Lock Bullet Sizer Kit.



Fits any Breech Lock enabled reloading press. Have an old school press and thread dies into a removalbe, threaded adapter? Modernize your press with the Breech Lock System. 1 1/4-12 and 1 1/2-12   

Lee Liquid Alox, a  reloading press and the  Breech Lock Bullet Sizer Kit are required to utilize this kit, each sold separately.



Optional catch bottle and cap adapter speeds sizing by captuing completed bullets.

The App press includes this catch bottle and cap adapter.

WarningWARNING: Handling lead objects may expose you and others in the area to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

WarningWARNING: This product may contain steel alloyed with trace amounts of lead and other elements which are known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. To prevent exposure, do not alter the product by welding, grinding, etc.

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Bottle adapter allows you to utilize your existing powder container as a hopper. Also works as a catch container for your sized bullets.


App Tube Retainer & Cap


Includes round retainer nut, set screw, mag spacer and fender washer for inverting the fill tubes on the Inline Bullet Sizer Magazine Filler Kit.


Bullet Sizers & Punches

From $12.00