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    The Lee Deluxe Automatic Processing Press gives you the same priming convenience found only on expensive progressive reloading presses.

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    The Lee Deluxe Automatic Processing Press gives you the same priming convenience found only on expensive progressive reloading presses.

    We started with the basic APP, added the Roller Handle, Universal Case Feed Magazine and the APP Deprime kit. Then we fitted the tool with the Patented automatic primer feed system. There is no priming system made that is as fast, effortless, or uniform as the APP primer. Cases and primers are automatically fed. Primers are seated uniformly without “feel” or adjustments required. Safe with any brand or size of primer. Change primer size in seconds. Simply twist out the priming chamber and swap out the pin and primer guide. No shell holders required! When you’re finished priming — simply twist out the priming tool and replace with the supplied shell holder adapter. Then you can use all the APP accessories available to Bulge Bust or Primer Pocket Swage.


    • Press
    • Roller Handle
    • Priming System
    • Universal Case Feeder
    • APP Deprime Kit
    • Bottle Adapter

    Photo note:  The Deluxe App is mounted to our accessory Reloading Stand.

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    APP Primer Pocket SwagerThe APP press works with some exclusive products, like our primer pocket swager. The new swager removes military primer pocket crimps automatically and as fast as you can operate the lever.



    APP Close-up Bullet SizingBreech Lock Bullet Sizer KitThe Breech lock bullet sizer allows nose first bullet sizing and you can change size with an inexpensive punch and bullet sizer die. Nose first bullet sizing is the most accurate, distortion free and because you are pushing on the base of the bullet no special nose punches are required.  On the App press bullets are sized as rapidly as you can operate the press lever. The sized bullets drop into an attached wide mouth container. This is the perfect tool for the now popular powder coated bullets.



    APP press bulge busting brass

    The Lee APP Bulge Buster Kit and the appropriate Lee Carbide Factory Crimp Die restores free function of rimless cases that have low base bulges. Low base bulges usually occur from chambers that do not fully support the cartridge or cases resized in carbide dies from manufacturers other than Lee. These show a noticeable stop ring near the base. You will most likely find cases with these problems in mixed range brass. 

    The Lee Carbide Factory Crimp Die must be purchased separately. 

    **Will work with the following cases:  380 ACP, 10mm, 40 S&W, 41 AE (Use 40 S&W Factory Crimp Die), 45 ACP, 45 GAP, and 45 Win Mag.