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Value Turret Press

Value Turret Press (recommended for handgun)

Power and strength to spare, plus unequalled convenience. This Lee Turret Press really shines when loading large quantities of handgun ammunition.

The auto index feature on the Value Turret Press is capable of loading cartridges with an overall length of 2.313" or less. Anything longer would require the turret to be manually advanced.

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4-Hole Turret


Lee Aluminum 4-hole Turret for quick caliber change for the 4-Hole Turret Press and Classic Turret Press.

This 4 hole turret will not fit inside the Pro 1000 or 3 Hole turret press.


Roller Handle Assembly


Roller handle assembly for Pro 1000 and Turret Press


Roller Handle Upgrade Kit


 Pro 1000 and Value Turret Press roller handle upgrade kit. This handle can not be used on the Classic Turret Press


Value Turret Press

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