Inline Bullet Feed

Individually feed bullets with Inline DieInline Bullet Feed Die Only

Six Pack Pro Individual Feed with Inline Die Only

  Inline Single Bullet Feed Tube
Inline Die Only Inline Bullet Feed Kit   Single Tube Feed Kit

New for 2023! Inline Bullet Feed Kit. Available March 2023

All steel construction featuring a ball bearing escapement mechanism. Spring loaded positive ball carrier return assures reliable operation. Jacketed, cast, powder coated and copper plated bullets are reliably fed. Configurable for long and short bullet lengths. Includes bracket for the optional multi tube feed magazine. Works in any press with standard 7/8–14 threads. 

Each die is caliber specific so there is nothing to change or adjust. Easy adjustment, place a case in your press and screw the Inline die in until it drops a bullet plus a half a turn, and that’s it. 

Optional gatling style magazine, small and medium hold over 100 bullets! 


Inline Bullet Feed KitInline
Bullet Feed Kit

includes Inline die and multi tube bullet feed magazine

   Typical Bullet
Inline Bullet Feed Die Only
Die Only
Multi Tube
Bullet Feed
 92010  22 CAL  22 Hornet to 222 Rem Mag  .220 - .225  91998 Small
 92026  24 CAL  6mm and 243 Win  .238 - .245  92025 Small
 92012  26 CAL  6.5 Creedmoor and similar  .250 - .273  92000 Small
 92011  30 CAL  30 M1 to 30/06  .300 - .320  91999 Medium
 92007  35 CAL  380 Auto, 9mm Luger to 357 Mag  .312 - .360  91995 Medium
 92008  40 CAL  40 S&W  .390 - .406  91996 Large
 92009  45 CAL  45 ACP to 45 Colt  .395 - .460  91997 Large


Inline BF Replacement Balls
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Inline BF Replacement Balls
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