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    Turret Press Reloading Kits

    Lee Turret Press Kits offer single station simplicity at near progressive speed. These kits, along with a set of reloading dies, include everything you need to start reloading.

      •  No need to unscrew dies and on most models the turret advances to the next station automatically.

      •  Four pulls of the lever and you have completed a round.

     Perfect for moderate production of Handgun ammunition.

     When equipped with a LEE powder measure, you can load 250 rounds an hour.

     Deactivate the Auto index feature and you can batch reload the longest rifle cartridges.

     Twist and exchange the turret, snap in a new shell holder and you're ready to load your next caliber.




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    Classic Turret Press Kit


    Classic Turret Press kit, this kit and a set of Lee dies is everything you need to begin handgun reloading.

    Rifle reloader's: the Long Charging Die (cartridges from 223 Rem to 300 Win Mag) or the Short Charging Die (cartridges from 22 Hornet to 223 Rem) are sold separately and required to utilize the Auto Drum Powder Measure.

    Value 4-hole Turret Press Kit


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    Ultimate Turret Press Kit

    From $420.00

    Turret Press Reloading Kits