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APP Primer Pocket Swager

The fastest, most convenient way to swage primer pockets. Will swage large and small primer pockets on any case up to 2 inches (30/06) long.

Lee primer pocket swager. Designed exclusively for the APP press. Now you can swage primer pockets as fast as you can operate the press lever. 

Primer pocket swaging is necessary when reloading brass that have crimped primer pockets, most cases used in military or non civilian applications have this crimp. Typical cases that you will encounter primer pocket crimps are 45 ACP, 223(5.56mm), 30-06, 308(7.62x51), 9mm Luger and special law enforcement 40 S&W. 

No shell holders required!

Large and small swage punches included.

Exclusive, case guided swage push die works without adjustment. It automatically aligns your case mouth to receive the push rod and six guide fingers center the primer pocket to the swage punch.

Nothing to adjust—simply install and begin swaging.

Swage adjustment is a finger adjustable knob, no tools required.


Note:  This product is for use in the Lee APP press only.

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APP Swage Kit


APP primer pocket swage kit.

Note:  This product is for use in the Lee APP or Deluxe APP press only.