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    Reloading Press Kits

    Classic Lee Loader

    Most ecnomical way to get started. With this kit, you can load up to 50 rounds per hour. See available Kits through here:  classic-lee-loader

    Single Stage Reloading Press Kits

    Lee Precision reloading press kits include everything you need to get started with the addition of your cartridge specific reloading dies and appropriate Case Length Gauge (if reloading Rilfe cartridges).

    The 50th Anniversary kit and the Breech Lock Challenger Kit will work for both rifle and pistol cartridges. What differntiates these kits is the way you prime. The Anniversary kit is for those who prefer to prime on the press (typically customers reloading handgun cartridges since there is minimal case conditioning required). The Breech Lock Challenger Kit is for those who prefer to prime off the press using the New Auto-Prime (typically customers reloading rifle cartridges since cases need to be trimmed).

    These kits are designed to be a "Generic" kit, to which one adds the appropriate die set(s) for the cartridge(s) you to reload. Only Lee Dies include the shell holders (except RGB) that is necessary to use your dies on the press. It accommodates both the beginner and the experienced. For rifle calibers, one should also add the appropriate Case Length Gauge/Shell Holder to go with the case trimming tools included in the kit. Pistol cases seldom need to be trimmed as they generally wear out before actually needing it. We do make them however for those people who want the peace of mind. Case Length Gauge/Shell Holders can be found on the "Case Conditioning Tools" page in our catalog and website: Case Length Gauge Holder

    Lee Value Turret Press Kit (90928)

    The Lee Value Turret Press kit includes the very popular four hole turret press along with everything you need to get started loading for rifle or pistol. Only the dies for the caliber you wish to load are needed as an extra item. While Lee dies are not required for use in the Value Turret Press kit, it is highly recommended because all Lee dies (except RGB) include the shell holder which is necessary for the press to use the dies. Lee dies also include the patented Powder Through Expander die which allows you to flare and charge the case mouth at the same time. Also included is load data and the appropriate powder dipper for many of the loads listed in the data.

    If loading for a rifle cartridge, we highly recommend the purchase of the proper case length gauge so that you may properly and safely trim your cases. Additionally, you will need to purchase a powder funnel and the Lee Powder Measure kit. These inexpensive items are necessary to adequately charge the larger capacities of rifle cases. The measure that comes with the kit is designed for handgun charging.

    This press is ideal for handgun loading and with experienced hands, you can load over 250 rounds per hour. For those who wish to use the press as a single station press, the auto index feature can be disabled in seconds and then re-enabled in the same amount of time.

    The fourth hole was added to accommodate the use of the Lee Factory Crimp die which is an optional die, but comes with our 4- Die Deluxe Pistol Die set. You can see the press kit at value 4 hole turret press kit

    Classic Turret Press Kit (90304)

    This kit and a set of Lee dies is everything you need to begin reloading.

    The Classic turret press is fast and convenient when loading handgun cartridges, with rates in excess of 250 rounds per hour possible. The kit includes the Auto-Drum powder measure and riser, perfect for all handgun and rifle cartridges. Large and Small Safety Prime are included making on press priming an ease. Instant change turret makes changing calibers a snap. Deactivate the auto-index and batch load the longest and largest rifle cartridges.

    Complementing your press kit are the case conditioning tools to prepare your brass for loading. Includes Cutter, Lock Stud, Chamfer Tool, small and large Primer Pocket Cleaner, and a tube of Lee case sizing lube. Complete it with the cartridge specific Case Length Gauge.

    Verify your loads with the included Lee Safety powder scale. Completing the kit is Modern Reloading Second Edition recently revised with all new load data covering 167 cartridges with over 28,000 loads. You can see this press kit at classic turret press kit.

    Pro 4000 Kit

    Second-generation progressive press priced less than many premium single station presses, the lowest priced 4 station progressive available. It is also the easiest to use progressive press ever made. Everything included to begin reloading nothing else to buy. All the features of the Pro 1000 with an added fourth station to allow Factory crimping and post sizing. Second generation design features a fixed tool head with quick-change bushings. The Safety prime is safe with all brands of primers and makes on press priming fast and dependable. The ideal press for loading well used or mixed range brass. So easy to change you’re going to enjoy using this press for simple case preparation like depriming before tumble cleaning. Deactivate the auto index and it is the handiest single station press ever made. Automatically advances cases up to 2 5/16.” Longer cartridges can be loaded by manually advancing. Automatic universal case feeder Modular construction allows as much or as little automation as the operator desires with no adjustments. Carridge changeover in seconds, including primer size with no adjustments. Color coded spline drive quick change breech lock bushings. Includes large and small Safety Prime and priming arms. Allows safe dispensing of any brand and size primer Includes hex wrench for shell plate change and storage rack for tools. Others charge nearly $30 for this feature. Includes ergonomic wood grip roller handle. Others charge nearly $50.00 for this comfort feature. Bin & Bracket to catch completed rounds. Install and adjust your dies and you can begin reloading. Cartridge changeover in seconds including primer size with no adjustments.

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    9155045 ACP Pro 4000 Kit
    915559mm Luger Pro 4000 Kit
    9155738 Special / 357 Magnum Pro 4000 Kit
    9155844 Special / 44 Magnum Pro 4000 Kit
    91551223 Remington Pro 4000 Kit
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    Classic Lee Loader

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