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    Auto-Drum Powder Measure



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    Manufacturer part number: 90811
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    Now includes Powder Measure Bottle Adapter

    Auto-Drum installed directly to powder container

    Automatic case actuated drum powder measure. Accurately and automatically dispense powder in your favorite cartridge. Two infinitely adjustable drums included. These Quick Change drums will accurately and reliably drop charges from 1 to 80 grains of powder.

    • Case actuated; never spill a charge.
    • Exclusive elastomer wiper prevents powder shearing, works great with difficult metering extruded powders.
    • Machined body with labyrinth groove mates to the precision molded nylon drums providing a leak free fit with the finest powders.
    • Drum is actuated by a steel sector and pinion gear train.
    • Quick-change hopper has on/off valve to quickly change powders.
    • Sleek modern design, all gears springs and levers inside the die cast housing.
    • Features swivel adapter, makes moving measure fast and convenient.

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    Quick Change Drums

    One of the nicest features is the ability to use the new Lee standard quick-change drums. These low cost drums can be preset to your favorite charge and swapped out in seconds. Quick Change Drum Set # 90453.


    # 90041 Auto-Disk Riser (required to mount to Turret Press)

    # 90995 Charging Die Kit

    Customer Reviews

    Arnie from Palm Bay, FL writes: Hi..I'm a long-time user of Lee products. I recently bought the new Auto Drum powder thrower and wanted to tell how how slick it works...Some of the rifle powders are so very fine, like sand, they would give my trusty old Lee Perfect Powder Measure fits...wanted to gum it up all the time, no matter how I set the tension....Took a chance on the new Auto Drum and it handles the extremely fine powders perfectly!......I use the Classic Cast single stage, but have the Auto Drum set up on your inexpensive Reloader Press......I could not be happier....Keep up the great work.....(.As an aside, after trying all your case trimming old Zip Trim is still the fastest and still the easiest to it)

    Randy from Chattanooga, TN writes:
    Lee, I'm a fan. I rarely write in on products, but wanted to on yours.
    I was considering a turret press, and had looked at the Lee. I talked to a reloading shop and told them I was looking at the Lee, and they suggested the Lyman. I started looking at different sites, and reading different reviews, and decided to go with the Lee Classic 4 Hole Turret. I had purchased Lee Deluxe Die Set also. I also researched powder dispensers, and bought a Lyman 55. After I received the turret and the dispenser, I tried to figure out how to connect the Lyman 55 to the Lee die, even contacting your support. I read where people epoxied and taped and other rigging methods. I decided to return the Lyman 55 and order the Lee Auto-Drum Powder Measure, and I am very happy. The Auto-Drum is so consistent. I set it up and a couple of days later went back and measured it, and it was spot on! I have gone to only checking every 50th round as it is so accurate and so consistent. I will wholeheartedly recommend the Lee Classic Turret, the Lee Deluxe Dies and the Lee Auto-Drum Powder Measure.


    WarningWARNING: This product may contain zinc alloyed with trace amounts of lead and other elements which are known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer. For more information, go to