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    Inline Bullet Sizer Magazine Filler Kit


    Inline Bullet Sizer Magazine Filler Kit

    SKU: 92019
    Manufacturer part number: 92019
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    This kit contains everything you need to use the Bullet sizer and punch with the Lee Inline Bullet Feed magazine. Now you can size bullets and simultaneously fill the Lee Gatling style magazine feeder. The system works so well, once your bullet is sized you will never touch it again. Simply transfer your filled magazine to your press and start loading.

    Kit includes small, medium and large magazines with matching drop tubes and supports. Breech Lock bullet sizer and special adapter.

    Works with .220 to .463 diameter bullets.

    Order your bullet sizers and punches

    Purchase extra magazine for quick magazine setup:

    .220" to .273"
    diameter bullets


    .300" to .372"
    diameter bullets


    .390" to .463"
    dimaeter bullets

    Small Medium Large Magazines


    APP with Inline Bullet Sizer Magazine Filler Kit and Inverted Size & Fill Adapter APP or Deluxe APP press owner?

    Order the inverted size and fill adapter as well. This is required to invert the tubes.