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Introducing the Lee Automatic Processing Press the APP, the fastest and easiest way to prepare cases and size cast bullets. It is also a very convenient single station reloading press.

As a reloading press its frameless design offers almost unlimited hand clearance, no bench under-swing and convenient, positive primer disposal. Operated with a comfortable power handgrip centrally located allowing either hand operation.

Accepts standard 7/8-14 dies of any manufacture and uses standard press shell holders for most reloading operations. Both die holding positions are machined to accept the Lee Breech lock quick-change bushings. Includes one spline drive breech lock bushing and universal type shell holder quick-change adaptor.

The APP press 90951 (shown here) retails at $75, making it a perfect starter press. The Deluxe APP press 90933 is just $110, includes the complete automation package that allows automatic case preparation and automatic bullet sizing. It even includes the three most popular express shell holders that work on over 60 different cartridges. The new case and bullet feeder will automatically feed 22 to 45 caliber bullets and will feed cases from the .380 ACP to 30/06 class cases, nothing else to buy.

An online poll of over 400 reloaders was done a couple of years ago and 59% of the reloaders performed decapping as a separate operation, an essential process if want to clean your brass including the primer pockets. Several hand held tools have made it to the market, but they are slow and require you to handle dirty cases one at a time. With the APP, you can speed through this process as fast as you can cycle the handle. Spent lead contaminated primers are captured in an attached catch container. If you are recycling military brass you must deprime before primer pocket swaging nothing is faster than the APP for this otherwise tedious operation.


Automation kit sold separatelyIn the event you wish to add the features of the Deluxe APP down the road, purchase the Automation kit.



Primer Pocket Swager The APP press works with some exclusive new products, like our new primer pocket swager. The new swager removes military primer pocket crimps automatically and as fast as you can operate the lever. Available in small and large pocket size.





APP with automation kit close-up Bullet Sizing Breech Lock Bullet Sizer Kit

The New Breech lock bullet sizer allows nose first bullet sizing and you can change size with an inexpensive punch and die. Nose first bullet sizing is the most accurate, distortion free and because you are pushing on the base of the bullet no special nose punches are required. Bullets are sized as rapidly as you can operate the press lever. The sized bullets are captured in an attached wide mouth container. This is the perfect tool for the now popular powder coated bullets.