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45/70 Government Collet Neck Sizing Die

Lee Breech Lock Collet Necksizing Die Only 45/70 Government

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SKU: 92082

Lee 45/70 Government Collet Neck Sizing Die uses a collet to squeeze case neck against a precision mandrel creating a precisely aligned case neck, while reducing run out.  Sizes just the case neck and requires no case lubrication.  Integrated Breech Lock quick change threading on exterior of die body, works with any Lee Breech Lock enabled reloading press.  Select this die if you are reloading brass that has been fired through your gun only.

Benefits of neck sizing:

  • No case lube required
  • Best accuracy
  • Steel collet squeezes fired case to precision mandrel
  • Extended case life

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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Cartridge45-70 Government