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Better than expected and an incredible value
My Deluxe APP arrived last week. I’ve put at least 2,000 cases through so far. Primarily 9mm and 38 special. I also decapped some 380, 40 S&W, and 223. It takes a minute to set up the case feed magazine and you want it almost touching the handle so the cases drop consistently. Lube the slide and case pusher with some case lube to keep the cases moving smoothly. Depriming is basically flawless. Cases are perfectly centered. Order an undersized decapping pin or two, particularly for 223 cases. And get the case collator as well.
Priming cases is just as easy and reliable. Primer feed is brilliant. Miss a case or get one upside down, doesn’t matter. The primers just queue up.  I also used the APP successfully to resize my 9mm cases.  I used it for more processing on the 38 cases: resizing, expanding, trimming with the QuikTrim Die, and finally flaring.
Pro tip: make sure every cycle of the press is a full and complete stroke of the handle. Critical to make sure cases are centered correctly and the next case feeds reliably.
After your Breech Lock Challenger, this should be your second press.
Palmer | 6/19/2023 9:35 PM
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