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Custom Large Series Factory Crimp Die

Custom Large Series Factory Crimp Die 1 1/4 x 12" Thread
SKU: 90597

Send to:
Lee Precision, Inc.
4275 County Road U
Hartford, WI 53027


Cartridges over the maximum in any of the three parameters will probably fit into the Large Series Die. These have a 1 1/4x12 thread, so your press must be capable of accepting this thread size. The only press we manufacture that can accept the Large Series Dies is our Classic Cast Press.

Note: If you are using a competitor's press with removable bushing, consider our 1 1/2-12 to 1 1/4-12 die adapter bushing. This bushing will allow you to install these dies into your press.

Large Series dimensions are:

Case diameter at base .563" to .640" (minimum - maximum)
Case Length over 2.850"
Bullet diameter .501" to .600" (minimum - maximum)

Current lead time is 8 weeks and begins once payment AND the required dummy round is received. Please be aware that any other products ordered at the same time as a Custom item(s) will not be shipped until the item(s) is complete.

We need:

  1. Dummy cartridge (a projectile seated in an empty case). The dummy cartridge is for testing purposes, so make sure it is within normal dimensional tolerances. *Note to International Customers:  Due to newly enforced shipping regulations as of 2/6/18, we will NOT be able to return your dummy cartridge to you.*

Please send your dummy cartridge, along with your invoice/order ID to:

Lee Precision, Inc.
4275 Highway "U" 
Hartford, WI 53027

Dealers/Distributors, receive your pricing when you order 25 pcs. or more

Unable to make the following cartridges:

  • 11mm French (too short)
  • 17 Ackley Bee (too small)
  • 17 Mach IV (too short)
  • 19 Badge (too small)
  • 22 Rim Fire
  • 22 LR (too short)
  • 32 NAA (too short)
  • 22 Rem Jet (too short)
  • 32 S&W Short (too short)
  • 38 S&W
  • 38/45
  • 38 Short Colt
  • 38 Long Colt
  • 41 Long Colt
  • 256 Winchester Magnum
  • 310 Cadet (too short)
  • 460 S&W (you can use the # 90865 Carbide Factory Crimp Die for this cartridge to apply a Factory Crimp and post-size part of the case)
  • 475 Linebaugh
  • 500 Linebaugh (too sort for large series die body and too large for standard series die body)
  • 50 AE (case diameter is too large to fit in the 7/8-14 die and too short for large series as a collet type crimp die. It can not be made as a carbide crimp die because the carbide would end up being too thin to have the necessary strength. If you wish to separate the bullet seating and crimping steps then purchasing a separate seating die body is your best option.)
  • 50 GI (too big)
  • 50/110 Win Express
  • 7.62 Model 1895 Russian Nagant Revolver
  • 7.62 x 12
  • 7.62x25 (too small)
  • 7.63 Mauser
  • 7.65mm
  • 7.92x33 Kurz (too small)
  • 50/70 (too large)
  • 50/90 (too large)
  • 50/95 (too large)
  • 56/60 Spencer (too large)
  • 500 Cor Bon
  • 500 S&W (use the # 90931 Collet Style Factory Crimp Die)
  • 510 GNR (too short)
  • 8mm Kurz (too small)
  • 8mm Nambu (too small)
  • 9.4 Dutch Revolver (too short)