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7.62x38 Nagant Revolver

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Designed by Nagant and first adapted to a revolver in 1887, the 7.62×38mm has the unique distinction of firing from a revolver with a sealed breach. As the hammer cocks, a mechanism pushes the cylinder forward to close the gap between barrel and cylinder.

The original purpose behind this complicated design was to eliminate gas loss between cylinder and barrel and thereby improve ballistics. With blackpowder ammunition it might well have also reduced fouling around the cylinder and extended shootability, or at least this might have been hoped for. More likely, the gas that inevitably did escape would have soon fouled the gun so badly it would have become unusable after a few shots. The adoption of smokeless-powder loads solved this problem.

The 1895 revolver and smokeless-powder 7.62×38mm ammunition was a fine combination that, despite looking odd, offered advantages. It was well liked by those who used it. Best loads approximate the energy generated by the 380-Automatic. Performance is so limited because pressure is held to blackpowder levels, or lower — 11,000 psi, which is just about as low as any metallic cartridge has ever been held to.

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