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41 Swiss

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Introduced in 1869, the 41 Swiss is one of the more interesting rounds of the blackpowder era. It had a lot going for it when compared to many other rounds standardized at a time when 60-caliber, and larger, muzzle-loaders were still commonly employed in Military Service.

The Swiss seem to have been among the first to realize a battle-rifle did not have to launch an ounce or more of lead at 1200 fps to be valuable. The original Swiss load launched a 334-grain bullet at about 1345 fps, which gave it substantial performance for the era yet kept the cartridges reasonably compact and recoil relatively modest, when compared to the 45-70-500 load, for example.

Many original guns have been converted for use with centerfire cartridges. Having shot one of these with a modern load using A5744 duplicating original ballistics, I can attest to the fun and impressive performance this relatively small blackpowder-era cartridge offers.

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