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    Roller Handle Assembly


    Roller handle assembly for Pro 1000 and Turret Press

    SKU: 90746
    Manufacturer part number: 90746
    Availability: In stock

    Roller handle assembly for Pro 1000 and Turret Press. This handle can not be used on the Classic Turret Press, Breech Lock Classic, Classic Cast, Load-Master or Reloader Press.

    If you are purchasing this part to mount on your single station press like the Breech Lock Challenger. You will need to purchase the following parts:

    (1) Bolt FO2113

    (1) Washer OF3609

    (1) Toggle OF2853

    You will have to check your toggles to ensure you have the latest toggle with ribs. If you have an old style toggle you will need to purchase a new style OF2853.