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SKU 91617
Weight 0.78 lbs
MSRP: $50.00

Section view of the Ram SwageRam swage installed into press

The Lee Ram Swage works on all single stage or turret presses that have 7/8”-14 threads in the press frame, and accept universal press shell-holders.

Features spring assisted case extraction, and an all steel case guide, ensures cases will be positively centered on push rod.

Shell-holderless design, allows you to swage any small or large primer pocket, without swapping to a different size shell-holder.

Primer pocket swaging is necessary when reloading brass that have crimped primer pockets, most cases used in military or non civilian applications have this crimp. Typical cases that you will encounter primer pocket crimps are 45 ACP, 223(5.56mm), 30-06, 308(7.62x51), 9mm Luger and special law enforcement 40 S&W.

The hardened steel swage punch is automatically extracted from the primer pocket by five 400 pound force disc springs.

Swage holder, large or small, installs in seconds into your press ram with no adjustments required.

Primer pocket swaging is so fast you’ll want to swage all range brass.

Nothing reduces priming problems on a progressive press more than properly swaged primer pockets. Surplus military and police department brass is a great low cost source of cases.

Complete swaging set includes: guided 7/8”-14 threaded swage push die, both large and small ram swage holder assemblies.

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Review from satisfied customer:

Dear Sirs,

I do commercial reloading, and my biggest problem over the years has been removing the primer crimp on military brass. I have tried about eight different products from as many manufacturers. I saw your Ram Swage # 91617 and decided to give it a try. Oher manufacturers products that I tried there would be one case or so out of every 100 that would jam the loading press because a primer would fail to go in the pocket. Your product has ran over 2500 pieces of 223 brass perfectly through the loading press and every primer went in like they should. My people now have to run the brass using the Lee product only before using the reloading press.

Thanks for an excellent product. Productivity has gone up about 3-400 percent because we don't have to un jam the machine and clean up after it jams up all the time like it used to do because primers would fail to seat correctly.


Stephen F.
Green Bay, WI