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A Useful Tool; and Not Just for Converting Bottlenecked Cases to a Larger Caliber
To prevent bullet damage and facilitate bullet seating, cast-bullet handloaders necessarily expand and bellmouth cases.  What few handloaders realize is the same process is beneficial when using jacketed bullets.  In fact, for loading the most precise jacketed-bullet loads, slightly expanding the case mouth so bullets more freely and consistently enter the case is an absolute necessity.

One must be careful not to overdo this process but when done just-enough, expanding the case mouth eases bullet seating and can dramatically improve round-to-round uniformity of neck-tension (bullet pull).  This minimizes variation in bullet pull that would otherwise result from tiny variations in neck length and case mouth hardness.  It also positively prevents scuffing, cutting, and other damage to the bullet jacket during seating.

When done correctly, as the bullet begins to enter the case neck section that remains smaller than the bullet shank, expansion of the neck below the slightly flared mouth forces the mouth back toward the bullet.  This can result in a loaded round with no discernable flare of the case mouth.  Of course, crimping will eliminate any slight flare that might remain.  If crimping is necessary to remove such a remaining flare, the handloader had over-flared the case mouth.

If your goal is to handload the most consistent ammunition possible, add this simple step to the process.  You will not be sorry.

M.L. (Mic) McPherson

Author: Metallic Cartridge Handloading (the modern bible on the subject) and many other books on precision handloading and related topics
Mic | 3/28/2024 3:16 PM
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Simple and effective
Works great. Very consistent flares. The stackable cones are a very clever design. I use it for my lead bullets in my 38 and for my rifle cases that don’t have a powder feed through expander die.
No issues using it in my Lee APP.
Palmer | 6/17/2023 10:00 PM
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