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    Has the Lee Classic Turret Press met it’s match?
    Look up the reviews for the best turret press on the market. You’ll find that press is the Lee Classic Turret (LCTP), not necessarily only because of price but because of cost and function. Dings that the LCTP would receive came in the form of variation in tolerances when compared to other brands of turret and single stage presses, the limited number of stations, priming function and some would lobby concerns about the reliability of the auto-indexing hardware, however accolades would always center around the auto-indexing feature because the LCTP is the only turret press that offers this feature.
    Enter the Ultimate Turret Press (UTP). The UTP addresses the criticism(s) of the LCTP. Right out of the box it was as easy to setup as the LCTP, bolt the handle into place install the safety prime, lock in your dies and your off. The Auto-indexing feature works flawlessly and is as reliable as I’ve found with the Six Pack Pro (SPP). There’s enough real estate up top to run your bullet feeder at least with the 5-station turret and I’m thinking with the options available I could run a single tube of bullets, add the 6th station and include a powder check die. You can run the auto-powder drum without the use of the powder measure riser, and it won’t strike the safety prime hopper. The priming arm doesn’t stick or strike the safety prime dispenser when the ram is fully raised and let’s not forget I can swap dies between my SPP and UTP with only minor adjustments.
    Now I don’t reload rifle rounds so I can’t comment on tolerance of the rounds but there is very little if any vertical movement of the turret head. The ability to convert this press to use just 3 holes is a great idea for those times I clean my brass and prime off press. Finally, the case kicker is as flawless as they come, now I’m cycling the press with one hand on the arm and the other one on the next case I’m going to reload. I suspect my reloading speed will decrease slightly to 3-4 rounds a minute, but I’m not holding onto bullets anymore.
    Back to the question at hand, has the Lee Classic Turret Press met Its match? Well after a few hundred rounds of reloading, I decided that my Lee Classic Turret Press is going to be the new range press taking the place of my Breech Lock Hand Press.
    | 2/13/2024 2:13 PM
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