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Great trimmer
Great system. In the time it takes to set up my trim pro, i can have the quick trim up and running and half done. Wish we had these 50 yrs ago. My only 2 complaints are that it wont trim at max case length. It is always less. I prefer max length in order to use as much chamber neck area as possible to minimize the carbon ring. Not enough dies to cover the numerous cartridges i shoot. The necks do seem to be square.
Kenneth | 12/18/2023 1:14 PM
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Pilot Free Trimming
Many years ago originally was interested in the quick trim die to shorten 222 necks on 222 cases made from 223.  A trim die with a file is better for this.

I found the hand trim setup with mandrill to be very handy for trimming the odd long case.

I shoot 17 rem, which has no option for the mandrill system.

Where this Product SHINES

There is no pilot!✔️
This is essential to prevent cuttings from chewing up the inside of the case neck against the pilot.

I casually noticed this happening over years with pilot based case trimmers and did not pay much attention to the damage caused inside the case mouth caused by the pilot and cuttings.

I believe the mouth is cut square.
The length is fairly consistent.

Mostly...no damage to inside case neck.

Be judicious with the chamfer system if using power adaptor..as the chamfer cutters are spring loaded.

Lee has provided support support for this product when needed.

If I knew then what I know now...I'd not have spent years trimming brass with a pilot.

The setup is easy as well...reducing the hassle of trimming.

Protect your inner case necks with this pilot free system.

Sam | 12/17/2023 3:05 AM
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