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Presses and dies
30 years ago I used Lee products on the recommendation of a very respected local firearm dealer, it was great advice then, and still is today. I recently got back into target shooting both hand guns and various center fire rifles along with the reloading for all of them. Producing high quality and higher accuracy ammunition at an affordable price was always my goal then as it is today. Lee products are still a great choice to achieve both those goals safely and consistently. I'm just a blue collar guy like most of you folks. Value for my money really matters to me, so when shopping for reloading tools, Lee prices seem to be very competitive, and I know from past experience that the quality is also there. You can spend more if you want, in the end, you won't gain a thing for the extra money you spent in my opinion.
Richard | 2/20/2024 4:19 AM
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Lee bullet molds
I have used only Lee bullet molds for all my cast bullets from pistols to rifles an I get great value an great looking bullets from every mold I do resize all my cast bullets only because it's me an easy my mind I guess but don't really have to because they are pretty much dead on right out out the molds an beat thing about Lee they are not money hungry company that let poore people b able to reload too they are not like all the rest u all know hoo I'm talking about. So I better go but I'll always go out shooting Lee cast bullets if I have too lol...
James | 12/30/2023 9:59 PM
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x brand vs lee precision
i own lee rcbs hornady redding iv learned the hard way lee has allways worked better and out performed the rest thanks for great products.
donnie | 9/11/2023 1:55 PM
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Great die set 762x54R
I always have used Lee Precision reloading since 1989.  A gunsmith told it was best.  Took about one hour to set up die set.
Worked 100 rounds thru it effortlessly.  Always been able to trust Lee Precision reloading supplies.
Kent | 9/9/2023 4:19 PM
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