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    Excellent Die!
    Sizes necks consistently and straight.  Concentric necks below .001 every time.  Helps to tighten up groups as well.  Do all your case prep, cleaning, trim and de-bur and you will be happy with the results. I full length size by bumping shoulder .002 only and I remove the neck sizing mandrel from the FL die to size.  I then use the collet die to neck size.  
    Michael | 1/7/2024 3:26 PM
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    Used to Love the collet die
    Used to love the Lee collet die. I bought a new on for my .308 Win and come to find out they changed the way they make the collet. Now it is shorter so in flares the mouth of the case neck, better bullet seating concentricity they say. I hate it, I wish they would of left it alone and just left it as a custom option. It creates more problems that it solves. Everyone's case prep isn't the same. Just because a couple of guys think it's a good idea you have ten others that don't. Stupid
    Andrew | 9/9/2023 9:53 PM
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    I love it
    The Lee collet neck sizing dies are the best thing you will ever buy as a reloader. Perfect concentricity is only a Lee collet die away. Now all that Lee needs to do is make a body die like the Redding. These two dies do everything you will need. I shoot f-open, f standard and H/S class and 100% of my winning ammo is loaded with this combination in a Lee hand press. Love my Lee gear, hate the haters, and show them up regularly. Lol
    Travis | 8/5/2023 4:47 AM
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    Great die!
    This die is fantastic. One of Lee's best dies. It’s a must have if you want to shoot fire formed brass. Give the case a squeeze, twist the case a third turn, another squeeze; one more third and a final quick squeeze.
    Extremely reliable decapping as well.
    Palmer | 6/21/2023 8:57 PM
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