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From 9mmepiphany of thehighroad.org
The 750 had already come off my bench with the anticipation of adding a FA X-10. As already mentioned the delay of the X-10 happened to coincide with the introduction of the Pro 6000. I thought it would be an entertaining distraction which turned out to have been an excellent choice. I don't feel I've missed much in not waiting for the X-10 (it's still going through growing pains) and the Pro 6000 offers much more than the 750 did.

I've recommended the Lee Pro 6000 to several folks over the Dillon 750 already and don't see any reason not to. At it's price point, it completely buries the Square Deal and does everything most folks would use a 750 for, for a much smaller investment
Daniel | 3/28/2024 3:21 PM
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Great Press at a Great Price
I really like my Six Pack Pro, it is really nice. Easy to use, I would recommend getting a powder check die for it though. I wish Lee made their own powder check die. If they do and I don't know about it please let me know. Customer Service at Lee is bar none 100% Awesome. I just have had nothing but a positive experience with this press. Its my first one, and I am glad I chose it.
Jason | 1/19/2024 9:40 PM
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The next generation in Progressives
I now have two of these presses. After using the load master for over 25 years and being limited to using only certain brands of primers and fighting with the machine for consistent priming, the Lee 6000.Six Pack does it all! This press comes nearly ready to use out of the box. The instructions are clear, the priming system is flawless, and other than having to lubricate it much more frequently than a load master, this press surpasses everything else on the market at twice the money. This is truly a marquee moment for Lee Precision.
T Stephen | 9/4/2023 6:33 PM
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