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PRO 4000 Kit
I like this press kit for its value and innovation.
I use this press exclusively to process and reload range brass for handgun loads. I use the 3 die set provided with the kit. I also use the LEE factory crimp die with this press.
First, I found it takes a bit to get all of the dies adjusted just right to achieve reliable and repeatable results. Once adjusted, I really like the bushing system that allows me to change calibers or remove dies without readjustment.
Second, since I reload range brass, I found that repeatable results are best achieved by pre-sizing the brass or using case lube. Each of these procedures has it’s own set of steps and/or advantages for this press.
Third, I prime off press using a LEE bench prime system. I do this because primer pockets across multiple manufacturers are very different; some are very tight, some not. On a progressive press primer installation problems are magnified and frustrating, so I choose to do this off press where I have more control over the priming system. BTW, the LEE bench prime is an effortless system.
The priming system is simple and provides accurate charges. The drum system is convenient when loading across multiple calibers.
All in all, I highly recommend this press/kit. It’s a solid press that will serve you well across multiple calibers.
Steve | 4/28/2024 10:44 PM
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PRO 4000 KIT
I like this press the best of all the Lee progressives it is simple to set up and use and is trouble free once you get the routine down . Don't rush, take your time and just watch and get a feel for it. You will find it is very easy to load 3 to 400 rounds an hour of handgun and small rifle ammo on it. I have loaded 357 magnum, 9mm {9×19mm Parabellum}, .223\5.56 mm and 350 legend sofar with no problems.
Michael | 11/18/2023 2:43 PM
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