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Great Press for the Money
I bought this press from Titan Reloading in Wi. to replace my 29 year old Lee Red Base Turret press. I was going to get the Ultimate Turret Press but I have all 12 of my calibers I reload on individual turrets and I just did not want to change that system it works very well for me. This is a great press built much stronger than the old one I had but that was a good press also. I like some of the improvements it has, like the primers through the ram when sizing and de-priming ,I also like the steel base it has as it provides much more rigidity and makes it a solid press. I also have a Lee Classic Turret press,  what i do is load all the smaller pistol calibers on the Value Turret press and the magnum pistol and rifle cartridges on the Classic Turret press. Add the Safety Prime system and a Pro Auto Disk or a Auto Drum powder measure plus a 4 die set and you have a great press. For the money I don't think you can find a better press whether you are doing what I am or are in need of another press to do Test Loads or Small batches. I would like to see Lee come out with a Ergo handle for this press as I would get one immediately but for now I am just going to raise it off my bench another 4 inches.
FRED | 3/11/2024 12:45 AM
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