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Product reviews for APP Bulge Buster Kit

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Works as advertised, reuse the Glock brass!
Piece of cake. I use it with my Deluxe APP. I don’t bother with the bottle to catch the cases because I’d be emptying it constantly. A box or bucket on the floor works great.
The whole system works well on the APP. Cases feed smoothly and the Breechlock adapter/bushing is well made.  I ran 500 40S&W cases through in 15-20 minutes. It takes longer to get the cases upside down than it does to put them through the press and bulge buster.
Depending on your batch size/frequency you may want to get an extra crimp die so you don’t need to upset your Breech Lock bushing setting.
Palmer | 11/14/2023 7:09 PM
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