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LEVER SLEEVE (Discontinued- see notes in part description)

LEVER SLEEVE (Discontinued- see notes in part description)
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Part BP2780 for product CLASSIC CAST (Code=90998), 50 BMG Kit (Code=90859), Classic Turret Press (Code=90064) and Classic Turret Press Kit (Code=90304).

Effective September 2022, the BP2777 Lever Clamp and BP2780 Lever Sleeve have been replaced by:

BP5101 Lever Clamp 10 Degree

BP5090 Lever Sleeve 10 Degree

Both parts are required to work together.

If you are a Classic Turret Press # 90064 or Classic Turret Press Kit # 90304 owner, you may want to consider updating your handle/lever and wood ball grip to a non-bent version. The new 10 degree clamp and sleeve will automatically provide enough clearance for the Safety Prime.