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Getting Started

Thanks for your interest in RELOADING

If you have never reloaded before, you are in for a treat. While some would have you believe it is rocket science, nothing could be further from the truth. If you can replace a light bulb, that is (screw in a die); if you can measure with a teaspoon (dip a powder charge); if you can shove a cork into a bottle (seat a bullet) and can read and comprehend this description (read instructions), then you are all set.

A reloading press and a set of Lee Dies are all you need to start reloading. Lee Dies are complete with powder measure, shell holder and complete instructions, including load data that tells you how much and what type of powder to use. Dies and presses basically last a lifetime, so buying on what your budget allows makes the most sense. You will never regret buying a value priced press, as no matter how sophisticated a press you own--you always have need for a simple press for odds and ends jobs. If you mount your press with the Lee Bench Plate, your second press is always at the ready. If you don't have a workbench, consider the Lee Reloading Stand, built for the ultimate in rigidity and convenience. Reloading handgun and rifle cases have similarities but are different enough that we have broken the steps out into their own categories. All applicable products are shown.