Custom Bullet Seating Plug

Custom Bullet Seating Plug
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Bullet style (ex. FTX, VLD, FLAT)

99% of reloader's typically use flat or round nose bullets when loading for most cartridges. The long slender points on the Hornady FTX (and similar) bullets certainly helps the ballistic performance of the round, but it does increase the overall length of the cartridge when the bullet is seated so that it is at or close to the rifling. The overall length listed is a dimension that will provide action clearance in the shortest standard magazine or feed mechanism. You do not have to observe this maximum overall dimension, and most reloader's do not, as best accuracy is obtained when the bullet is seated as close as possible to the rifling.

If it is essential that you must seat your bullet to the max overall length, or if your rifle does not allow the cartridge to feed with the longer overall length, we offer this custom bullet seating plug service. 

Please send us a sample bullet and order this service through this link.

Current lead time is 4 weeks.

Please send sample bullet and your invoice/order ID to:

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