Catalog Ads/Press Mentions

Advertisements that have run in print publications, as well as press mentions.

2018 - American Rifleman - Lee Precision, Inc. The most bang for your buck

2018 - GUNS Surplus - Lee Precision, Inc. is your first choise for reloading military surplus

2018 - Fur-Fish-Game, GUNS and American Rifleman- Great Christmas Ideas For the Shooter

2018 - American Rifleman, Handloader, Fur-Fish-Game, Australian Shooter - Five Star Reviews 90900 Auto Breech Lock Pro

2018 - American Rifleman, American Handgunner and Handloader- 90900 Breech Lock Pro

2017- American Rifelman, GUNS, American Handgunner, Handloader & Australian Shooter magazines- Christmas Ideas

2017- GUNS Magazine- You're Missing Half the Fun! Featuring the New Lee Deluxe Challenger Kit

2017- Handloader | Guns & Ammo- Absolut-LEE Amazing Auto Bench Prime

2016- Shooting Sports Magazine- Value and Deluxe Quick Trim

2016- Shooting Illustrated- Auto-Drum Powder Measure

2016- The American Rifleman- Auto Bench Prime

2016- The American Rifleman- Auto-Drum Powder Measure

2016- The Complete Book of Reloading- Breech Lock Challenger Kit

2014- Shooting Sports- Portable Power

2014- Australian Shooter- The Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit by Simon WIlson

2013- Thank you for making 2013, our 55th year, the best ever!

2012- Guns Magazine, features Classic Turret Press Kit, Ergo Prime and Modern Reloading "Reloading Gear & Goodies" by John Connor

2012- Handgunner Magazine, features Classic Turret Press Kit, Ergo Prime and Modern Reloading "GOT EMPTIES? Fill 'EM UP!" by John Connor

2012- Ergo Prime 

2011- New for 2011

2010- Lee Bench Plate

2010- Breech Lock Classic Cast

2010- Breech Lock Hand Press

2010- Bulge Buster Kit

2007- Breech Lock Challenger Press