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SKU: PT2970

Part PT2970 Connecting Rod for product NEW AUTO PRIME (Code=90230) and AUTO BENCH PRIME (Code=90700). Note: this part will not fit the original Auto-Prime with the round primer trays.

The original Auto Prime with the round primer trays was discontinued in October 2010, and the service parts for this tool have been exhausted.

Per our Lee Lifetime Guarantee, send us the original Auto Prime or send a photo of your ID and your tool, and we can offer you the New Auto Prime or Auto Bench Prime at half price + shipping & sales tax. These are priming tools that replaced the original Auto Prime. The new tools will work with your existing Auto Prime shell holders.

New Auto Prime $31.98, 1/2 price $15.99, plus shipping & sales tax

Auto Bench Prime $44.98, 1/2 price $22.49, plus shipping & sales tax