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Meet Some Satisfied Customers!

Justin M. from Grand Falls-Windsor, Ontario
My only regret is that I didn't get one of these things a long time ago. Instead of doing my basic case prep (resize, deprime, flare) in the shed, I can do it in the house and keep my family company. I have asked my local gun store to obtain the Ram Prime kit for me, as I am no longer satisfied with my hand primer (which is not a Lee product, for the record).
The only issue I currently have is that if I have an incident with an unsuspected Berdan primer pocket which activates the safety feature of the Lee decapping pin, and it requires repositioning and re-tightening, this is better accomplished with the die screwed into a bench-mounted press to hold it while I take the two-wrench approach. Otherwise a second pair of hands might need to get involved. (Thank you very much for that safety feature, by the way; I found out the hard way on the weekend that a case I attempted to deprime was Berdan - it had got in among a bunch of cases I knew to be Boxer - and only this design feature stopped me from breaking the decapping pin.)
I have so far resized/deprimed 9mm Luger and .223 Remington cases without incident or difficulty, noticing only an occasional failure to punch out the primer on .223 brass with military headstamps, probably because they are crimped-in. A second pass through the die never failed to finish the job. I look forward to seeing how much extra effort .303 British requires, and using the device as a de facto hand and upper arm workout routine!
Congratulations on an innovative, useful and well-thought-out product.

Nicholas T. from Mareeba, Australia:
I've been using LEE products for the last twenty years for all my reloading and casting needs. I've heard about the great support that you have with your products, but have never needed it in the past, because I've never had an issue with anything. Your immediate response to my first ever issue with a new product reaffirms my faith in the LEE brand. I use 5 lee pro 1000 presses, 2 casting pots, 30+ lee bullet molds, sizing kits, and now the APP for sizing my powder coated bullets in my reloading room, and proudly recommended them to my shooting mates who marvel at their simplicity, quality and value for money. Your support of your customers is something to be very proud of, thank you.

Andreas N. from Lule�, Sweden: 
I landed my first medal (Third place in Double action revolver .41-.455) in the Swedish Nationals in Magnum fieldshooting and i can�t praise your products enough. The end product performed well above expectations in ranges between 20yds up to 200yds which is the distances we have targets set up. The recipe for success was: Lee C429-240-SWC 6 cavity block. Bullet Sizing Kit .429 C.O.L 1.575� Propelled with 19.6gn VV N110 and CCI LP 350. Shot through a Ruger Super Redhawk with iron sights. Assembled in your Breech Lock Challenger kit with 3DI Set .44 Special/.44 Magnum Carbide. At 55yds 50m the grouping is basically hole in hole.

Harry R. from Glen Arm, MD: 
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product. I bought two Lee Progressive 1000's in the early 90's when I began shooting competitively and I have had great success with them. They are easy to use and are very efficient. In one evening I can reload enough ammunition to last me many sessions on the range. I don't enjoy reloading, but it is a necessity if you want quality ammunition. Your reloader is so fast that it allows me to have more time for shooting and family. This year I was very successful coming in 3rd place overall in Production gun at the 2014 World Action Pistol Championship in Rockcastle, KY. At the 2014 Bianchi Cup, I won the Practical Match and came in 3rd on the Falling Plate Event. The Bianchi Cup is all about accuracy with the Practical Event having the longest distance going back to the 50 yard line. The three most important things about reloading for me is accuracy, speed and user friendly equipment. Your Lee Progressive 1000 has all three. If I could represent your company in any way, I am a true believer in your product.

Jim B. from Dallas, TX: 
I want to thank you for your prompt shipment, at no charge to me, one replacement .223 sizing die, which I received today. You are all wonderful people and I appreciate you so much. I have been a very satisfied Lee customer since the 1970's. Back then, I purchased four Classic Lee hand loaders; one in .223, one in .22/250, one in .243 and one in 30/30 caliber. I used these continually during the 1970's and I still have all four of them.

Jason D. from New Castle, PA: 
Being a first time reloader I really wasn't sure what to do or how to do it all I knew was the price of factory ammo is getting to be entirely too pricey. I went to a local gun store and looked at the 100 different models of reloading equipment really having no idea what I needed to even start. I looked at various equipment ranging from $100 to $500 still having no idea what I needed. I found your 50th Anniversary Breech Lock Challenger Kit down in the bottom and seeing that it included everything I needed to start reloading was a huge relief! I bought my dies,mounted my press and started making my own ammo within a couple hours of the purchase. The quality of your equipment is fantastic I have only owned it for a brief time but from what other reloaders as well as the forums have said I did not make a bad choice in this equipment. The price was well below the competitors and the equipment was as good if not better than the others. As I stated before I am extremely pleased with your equipment and will be recommending it to all my friends that I shoot with! I'm hoping one day once money permits to move up to one of your turret presses as I can see this single stage is going to take up the little shooting time that I have. Once again thank you for a great product that a blue collar American can afford in this world of ever rapidly rising prices! You have made a customer for life!

Woodie A. Ssgt., USAF, Ret. from Ocean Springs, MS: 
I was first introduced to Lee Products back in '71. I was 22 years old and about to Discharge from my First Four Stint in the Air Force. We lived in a Ranch House 6-8 Miles North of Cannon AFB, New Mexico. The pay was SO POOR that we either SHOT it to eat meat or turned Vegetarian. The Pastor and I down the road both bought "IN" between us a reloader. We started small. Then of course we progressed...to bigger & better things. Lee Reloaders allowed us to reload whereas Factory Shells cost $$. We were Hunters of Dove, Cotton Tails and of course Rattlesnakes...of which there were an abundance of. Even on the Flight Line on Base you had to be careful! We separated Air Force on 5 Nov. '71 and the Pastor and I "Settled" or split our shares of components & Loaders. My wife bought me a 12 Ga. Deluxe Reloading Kit soon after for either Christmas or my Birthday. It's on the kitchen counter as I type this. It's over 40 years old. With it is a Lee Powder Measure Kit for $3.95 still marked on the box. I had recently misplaced both items. For some reason I separated them from the 20 ga. hand loader and 209 Primers. I looked for two plus days in the shop for them. My oldest son came over today and I told him. He found them right away! :) I can't tell you how happy I am. You see, it's time to start teaching the #9 child whom is Ten (10) years old now. Of course his younger brother will follow. I have had RCBS equipment and it's been gone, long sold for cash. But your/my Lee Products are STILL with me. I shall hand them down to "The Boys" when I leave. I'm 64 now...and raising the last bunch of them. And I await the arrival of #4 Son tonight having leaf Elmendorf AFB in route to Tyndall AFB, Fl. He is also a large fan of Lee and has more than one Turret Presses and related equipment. In conclusion, Lee opened a whole new world to me as a young man without financial means. You helped this happen to Millions of us and...in doing so helped put food on our tables whereas there would have been none.

David A. from Columbus, OH: 
I wanted to send a thank you note to everyone at Lee Precision. I've had a Lee Classic Cast Turret Press for several years, and it's been an outstanding product free of maintenance issues. You should really be proud of the tremendous value of this machine. Spending a lot of time at the range has led to me witnessing more than a few squib loads and other problems with the reloaded cartridges of other shooters. Without exception, these are the same folks who brag about the (high) cost of their machines and how many rounds per hour they can produce. They can have it! I know my modest Lee Turret always produces accurate and consistent ammunition so long as I do my part, and it allows me to take the time to do the job right and ensure every step in the reloading process is completed accurately. This press is the definition of value for money, and I appreciate that there's at least one company who agrees with me. I step to the firing line knowing that my ammunition is loaded correctly and safely, and I wouldn't ever trade away that extra measure of confidence to push out another 75 or 100 rounds per hour.

Sam J. from Agate, CO: 
When I found my 38/56 dies had been stored in the direct path of a roof leak, and badly rusted, I decided to test your repair/replace policy of half price, I got new dies, you got 23 bucks, along with a lot of good will and word of mouth advertising, from now on if Lee makes it, Lee is my first choice.

Rick W. from Hendersonville, TN: 
I have been reloading now for over 30 years. I started out with Lee products mainly because of their lower cost, however I have been pleasantly surprised at the level of customer service I have received through the years. When I decided to enter the world of progressive presses I turned to Lee again and bought the Loadmaster set up initially for 45 ACP. I have added accessories and many more calibers both pistol and rifle since. I will admit it took me some time and thought to figure out how to adjust and use this press. It is after all a complex mechanism with many parts synchronized to move in harmony. I have read the negative reviews and sympathize with the users but I have yet to find a problem that after some thought, review of the manual, experimentation, and rare consultation with Lee I could not solve. Yes there are some things that I think could be done better, but unlike me only thinking about such things, the folks at Lee Precision are the ones that actually took their thinking and turned it into the reality of the most cost effective press for reloaders to put together large quantities of ammo on the market. That is an impressive accomplishment in and of itself. But they did not stop there. It speaks volumes about the character of the folks at Lee Precision that they continue to listen, improve, and support their products even when they are 10 years old or more and have produced tens of thousands of rounds! Who does that these days? I have often wanted to respond to the people writing negative reviews about the Lee Loadmaster that I would be more than willing to take it, or for that matter any other Lee Precision product off their hands should they wish to get rid of it. I have three Lee presses now and wouldn't mind having more! Thank you again for your outstanding customer support. Listening, recognizing, and addressing issues is the hallmark of personal and business character. I have never met the folks at Lee Precision but I think I would like them if I had the privilege.

Tim M. from Simpsonville, SC: 
Thank you nice people for all your help. You all should be commended on your customer service skills. I will always as long as I can be a Lee Precision customer. It's because of customer service like yours from answering the phone to technical help that puts you folks above the rest. You have the right people working for you. Again thank everyone that helped me.

Donald G. from Hickory, NC: 
I just wanted to pass along to your company how pleased I am that I bought a Lee product. I bought the Lee Classic Turret Press and several sets of dies about 2 years ago and have loaded thousands of rounds since. I have been so pleased with my purchase. It's built like a tank and yet it's very simple to use and adjust if need be. I have used your customer service twice and they were very helpful. I have a friend who has a different brand of reloader at the same time I did and they have had many problems from it. I have recomended to my friends Lee products as well. I am also very proud that it's an American made product. I plan on buying another press in the near future and will not even shop another brand... why would I?

Mike E. from Crowley, TX: 
Greetings - I have been buying Lee products for many years, and have gotten great service from everything I have ever bought with the "Lee" name on it. I recently bought a couple of new Deluxe rifle die sets and upon opening them up I looked them over very closely. As always the machining and materials were top notch and the dies provided outstanding value for the money. It is rare to see a company continue churning out practical, high quality, cost-effective products like this year after year after year. Lee keeps setting the standard.

Michael D. from Sauquoit, NY: 
Just wanted to send a big thank you to the folks at Lee Precision for making such a great product!, I recently purchased a Load Master for the .223, and I can not believe how well this thing works. Its my first go round with reloading, and this makes it so easy, I loaded 50 rounds today, 1 at a time to get a feel for the action of the press, it took me about an hour and I have a great understanding now of how the different parts of my press work. I looked at ALL the brands before I bought, and the features and price of the Lee made the buy a no brainer. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it to test the durability, and I have to say, you overbuild these perfectly! I'm going to have to believe that this is going to be handed down to my son, and probably his kids. So, in closing, thank you to the hard working folks, that come up with great products like this. Also the 2nd edition of the reloading book was a great read. thanks again, and Happy Holidays!

Joe N. from Lincoln, NE: 
Just wanted to drop a line thanking you guys for the great service. This is not the first time you have helped me out, and I am still impressed with your customer service. An actual person answering the phone and taking care of my issue without being transferred is unheard of these days. No questions asked warranty and no cost to me is also a "white elephant" in most industries. I will definitely buy more Lee products and tell others of my great experiences with your company.

Richard P. from Castaic,CA: 
I broke my 30 carbine die in January of 2012. I sent it back and received a new 30 carbine die within 1 week, with no questions asked. That's what I call outstanding service and a company who backs their product. I will buy more lee products and consider me a customer for life. Thank you very much.

Darrell T. from Birmingham, AL: 
I just started casting for the first time today, and thanks to your products, it was a pleasure! I bought a couple of your two cavity molds, your Pro 4-20, and a ladle, followed the instructions (good, plain English instructions) and in no time I made my first pile of shiny, new lead bullets. Your molds works beautifully. I worked two at a time, filling one while letting the other cool. Mr. Lee, you advice is spot on! I used lighter fluid to clean the molds, smoked them with a Zippo, fluxed with Parrafin wax, and used the wet towel to keep the temperature of the molds in check. All of it worked perfectly! Thank all of you for such wonderfully useful (and affordable!) tools and sound advice. I have used your dies for years and wish I would have been using your casting products sooner. This is so much fun, I am going to start a collection of your fine molds!

Erik B. from Birmingham, AL: 
I have been so impressed with all of your products and customer service. The breech lock classic cast press is wonderful, I am so glad that I chose to use a Lee product. I did not expect such a solid press for the price I paid. I received the Lee perfect powder measure from midwayusa yesterday as well and found it to be a fantastic value and nice addition to my bench. I really appreciate the customer care Lee provides and the the fact that your products maintain their quality and value price in a time when everything in the world seems to be getting more expensive and lower quality.

Frank W. from Palm Bay, Florida: 
In a world where everything is upside down, inside out & backward, I want to take a moment to say thanks for your prompt service with a smile (where applicable). In the past I've had a few minor issues with my reloading equipment & everytime I call, you folks are incredibly helpful, knowledgeable & just plain 'ol nice. Most recently, my .270 win. die had the primer punch out pin collet strip out & destroy the threaded part of the die. I sent it by US mail on the 28th of Dec. - It was back in my mailbox yesterday (Wed. 1/4/12) and it was brand new.... as in replaced. Know & understand this.... There will never be ANYTHING but Lee Precision products on my reloading bench. Your customer is unsurpassed. I will ALWAYS recommend Lee products to my family & friends. Always.

Tim C. from Winlock, Washington:
In reading your product statements for the Lee Loader I came across this statement. For over 50 years, more shooters have chosen the famous Lee Loader for their first reloading tool than any other. I had no idea it had been that long since I bought my first Lee Loader kit. Thinking back it was, indeed, 1963 when I purchased my first �Lee� product. I was a lad of 14 years old and I had just purchased my first shotgun; a Sears 12 gauge 2-3/4 pump, which is still in the family. It was because of that $9.95, 12 gauge, Lee Loader with its ease of use, durability, and economy that I was able to spend many hours in the field shooting upland game birds. I had forgotten how important those years were to me but upon reading your literature I was able to remember and reminisce of those long past days and how that simple Lee Loader marked the beginning of my life long joy for both shooting and reloading. I am now 62 years old and thought it was about time to say thank you. So I again say; THANK YOU for providing those special memories which could only have come about because of your product.  

Rick W. from Fort Wayne, IN:
On Sunday, February 28, my Lee 1000 broke while doing some 9MM reloading. I boxed it up and sent it out UPS Monday night for repair (under Warranty). On Friday you had my repaired press back to me. I couldn't believe it! I didn't think that four days was enough time for shipping, let alone shipping AND repairing my press. This is the second time that I have had dealings with Lee directly, and both times the service was outstanding. You can bet that all of my shooting friends have gotten an ear-full about the quality of Lee products and service. As a small gun dealer, Lee products are the only ones I recommend to my customers. Thanks again for your GREAT service and I look forward to many more years of using Lee products. 

Frank W. from Knoxville, TN:
I received my carrier/shell plate assembly yesterday by mail. I was pleasantly surprised that it was returned so quickly, but shocked to find you fella's hadn't charged me for the rebuild you performed! I really appreciate the fine job you did for me and I want you to know I hold you folks in the highest regard. In this day of cut-throat business practice one does not expect very much service. You folks have restored my faith in repair service. I intend to report the fine service you have given me to my local gun shop distributor whom I originally purchased the Pro 1000 from. Again, I thank you for helping me and want you to know I plan to purchase additional products from your distributors. 

Lonnie A. writes:
Thank you for what has to be the fastest and best service I have ever received. When I called to complain, I expected to get the old run-around. But when the technician told me to send the press in and they would take care of the problem, I was surprised. When I got the press back, completely repaired, in only five days from the day I sent it to you, I was shocked. In today's world, every company makes the claim that they stand behind their product. What they say and what they do; however, are not usually the same thing. That is why I am taking the time to tell you what a refreshing change it is to do business with a company that still believes in their product. 

Matthew P. from Redford, MI:
I had recently had some problems with some Lee bullet molds that I use. I wrote to your Customer Service Department and received a letter back from Dave Shono, (Customer Service) saying to send them back, and Lee will fix them at no charge!!! Even though it was my fault that they were messed up!
So I sent them into you guys on a Friday, and figured I'd get them back in about 2 or 3 weeks. Imagine my surprise when I got them back the following Friday! A gentleman by the name of Patrick Klessig sent me back a letter explaining what I did wrong, and how to avoid the problems in the future!! He wasn't rude, or condescending in his advice. He was concerned about my problem! I must say that I have never been treated so well by a big company!!! I do not know what you do to your employees, but they seem to bend over backwards for the customer. Please let these two gentlemen know I appreciate their help and advice with my problem. I will continue using Lee products and I will also be touting your products to all my friends and family. Thanks again.

W.M.J. writes:
Your response of March 17 regarding a problem I had involving my DEWC bullets pushing out the web of the case and causing a bulge, which keeps the cartridge from chambering in a SAMMI cylinder, was excellent. I am now using your suggested solution and have no further problems. The point of this letter is to congratulate you on your analysis and solution. I had written several other companies (ie your competition) regarding my problem. Your response was the ONLY one which didn't try to "pedal" your products as a solution. Example: XYZ co. assured me, if I used their dies I wouldn't have had that problem. HOG WASH!! They didn't even explain what caused the bulge. I'm not sure they even know (or cared).
So, thank you for great products, backed by sincere efforts to help inexperienced customers like myself. I remain a devoted Lee products fan and spread the work whenever I can. 

Kenneth L. from Hartwell, GA:
I received the Reloader press frame and also a new handle. I really didn't expect to get a handle, much less get my check returned. Such generosity is rare in the business world. It makes me very grateful and happy indeed that I chose Lee products for my reloading hobby. I am extremely grateful and will continue to praise Lee Precision and recommend your products to all my friends that reload.

Jim M. from Chuckey, TN:
I wish to thank you for the great service and quality reloading components you have. I sent a .44 mag carbide sizer die back to you for replacement or repair. I bought it in 1985 when I first started reloading. It served faithfully for years and them I noticed a crack in the threaded part of the body. I sent it back with a check on Oct. 30 and low and behold I received a new die and my check back Nov. 5. I want to thank you on your service, warranty and generosity. It is a fine thing to know in this day and time a company still cares.