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8X56R Hungarian

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Adopted in 1930, the 8×56mmR is a large, rimmed cartridge. Performance is significantly hampered by the modest 52,000-psi working pressure. First adopted by Austria in 1930, then by Hungary in 1931, and then by Bulgaria in 1934, it is used in machineguns and battle-rifles.

This cartridge uses an odd bullet diameter of 0.330-inch and therefore it is hard to find bullets to handload in it. Common 8mm bullets are far too small to give good results and require significantly under-sizing the case neck for it to get any grip on the bullet. Any load using such bullets that happened to have decent accuracy would be akin to a miracle. Lee makes a bullet mould. Periodically, Hornady and Woodleigh, among others, have offered bullets in this diameter.

Performance with full-power loads is significant due to the large caliber and case capacity. With a 22-inch barrel, this round will launch 200-grain bullets at 2600 fps. As such, given an appropriate bullet, such as the Woodleigh 250 in either FMJ or SN, it is suitable for any big-game hunting worldwide.

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