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577 Snider

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Introduced in 1867, the 577 Snider began as a 24-gauge using a casing that was functionally identical to the paper shotgun shells in use until the mid-1900s. Later cases were drawn from copper and brass. The original load launched a 450-grain, 57-caliber bullet at about 1300 fps giving it significant energy with ballistics approximating what the large-bore muzzle-loading muskets and rifles of the era produced.

The 577 was used extensively as a cartridge-conversion chambering for the Pattern 1853 British Enfield rifle. It remained in use by the British until about 1880, when the Martini-Henry was adopted.

Lee makes it possible to reload ammunition for these antiques. The 577 was obsolete by 1900 but in rare instances remained in service for some years after that.

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