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338 Weatherby RPM

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In 2022, Weatherby introduced the 338 Weatherby Rebated Precision magnum (RPM). A necked-up version of the, 6.5 RPM, this round offers ballistics of the 338 Win Mag in a better package. The two are loaded to similar pressure, have similar case capacity, and the same overall cartridge length, so performance could hardly be significantly different.

The advantages the RPM has are twofold: first, it uses closer tolerances in chamber and cartridge dimensions so it can be more accurate out of the box; second, it has no useless belt on the case to complicate magazine loading and cause problems while working the bolt to strip a round from the magazine and chamber it.

As such, for hunting larger North American species and most large species worldwide, the 338 RPM is a fantastic choice. With modern high-BC bullets with superior terminal performance it is far more capable than typical loads from much more powerful rounds loaded with the best available components as recently as the 2010s.

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Challenger III

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Ultimate Turret Press

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Deluxe APP Press Kit


The Lee Deluxe Automatic Processing Press gives you the same priming convenience found only on expensive progressive reloading presses.


Six Pack Pro Press

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