Progressive Presses

Add a bullet and pull the lever all our progressive presses will produce a reloaded round with every stroke of the lever. Because every pull of the lever produces a loaded round production rates are virtually identical on our progressive presses. All of our presses feature automatic case advance and universal small case feeder. All are setup to load one cartridge. Select the right press by the features you need.

Pro 1000

Pro 1000 with Auto Drum Powder Measure

Pro 4000 Kit

Pro 4000 Kit

Six Pack Pro

Six Pack Pro with Auto Drum Powder Measure

Introduced in 1984 as the world's first affordable progressive press. Place a bullet and pull the lever; all other operations are automatic. Load singly or progressively, feeds powder and primers only if case is present. Recently improved design with better ergonomics, steel frame, positive index pin, roller handle and positive through ram primer disposal

Automatically advances cases up to 2 5/16.”

Quick Change three die turret.

Set up for specific cartridge and one primer size.

Safe with CCI or Remington brand primers only.

Bullet seating and crimping performed in one operation.

This 4 station Progressive press allows reloading mixed range brass with ease. The user operated primer feed allows smooth uninterrupted operation when loading mixed and imperfect cases. The fourth station allows installation of the Lee Factory crimp die. This die “irons out” the defects and damage found in mixed range brass. If you have select components to reload the extra station can be fitted with the New inline bullet feeder. Push the primer trigger and pull the lever and you’re loading. Easy cartridge change over with only die adjustments required.

Bin & Bracket to catch completed rounds.

Among the heaviest Progressive presses made. Stroke and powerful linkage easily reload longer rifle cartridges. Six stations allow any brand of die be used and extra operations like post sizing are done in the standard progression. Works great with in line bullet feeders and the extra stations allow seating and crimping to be separate operations. Simple and dependable automatic indexing that never requires adjustment. New primer feed device built in and takes just seconds to change primer size. Exclusive primer feed tray eliminates the danger and time-consuming process of filling primer tubes one primer at a time. With the Lee system just dump, shake and go. Only one tool required to change shell plates and we include it. Included loaded round catcher and attach bracket features storage positions for the shell plate and die wrenches. Universal case feeder included with a gatling style magazine that works with most handgun cases and shorter rifle cases.

Bin & Bracket to catch completed rounds.