Stuck Case Removal

Stuck Case Removal

Stuck case removal fee. Please ship the die to the factory at the address below.

Lee Precision
4275 Highway U
Hartford, WI 53027

Please note:

You can easily remove the case yourself, loosen but do not remove the decapper clamp with a 3/4 and 1/2 wrench. Then pound on the end of the decapper rod with a 3/16 drift punch, and use a heavy hammer for best results. You can leave the die in the press for this operation. View a help video on how to remove a stuck case

To keep this problem from happening again, use Lee Resizing Lubricant. It works where others stick to cases. Using some Lee Resizing Lubricant, spread a small amount around the case below the shoulder so that there is a thin film. With the small amount of film that remains on your finger, scrape some into the inside of the case neck.

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