Load-Master 45 ACP

Load-Master 45 ACP

Lee Load-Master progressive 5-hole reloading kit for 45 ACP. Includes dies (full length size, powder through expanding and bullet seating dies), turret, #2L shell plate, Pro-Auto Disk powder measure, large case feeder and large primer feed.

Load-Master shown mounted to the Lee Reloading Stand, sold separately.

CAUTION: Some 45 ACP brass now have small primer pockets. Do not attempt to load these cases with large primer feed on the Load-Master, else explosion and damage to tool is likely to occur. You will need to sort your brass, and order the small primer feed to load these cases.


WARNING: Only CCI or Remington brand primers are safe use with this press. If you plan on using any brand besides CCI and Remington, you must install the included explosion shield.


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Want to reload another cartridge? Consult chart below to see products required

Rifle Load-Master Setup

Cartridge Shell Plate Case Feeder Primer Feed Charging Die Die Set Powder Measure Recommendation
22 Hornet 20


 Small  Short  90500 Auto-Drum
22/250 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90503 Auto-Drum
243 Win 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90504 Auto-Drum
6mm Rem 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90540 Auto-Drum
25/06 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90536 Auto-Drum
25/20 6s N/A Small


90750 Auto-Drum
250 Savage 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90550 Auto-Drum
257 Roberts 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90551 Auto-Drum
6.5 Carcano 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90749 Auto-Drum
270 Win 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90505 Auto-Drum
7mm/08 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90537 Auto-Drum
7x57 Mauser 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90541 Auto-Drum
7/30 Waters 3L N/A Large Long 90748 Auto-Drum
7.62 x 39 12L


 Large  Short  90565 Auto-Drum
300 AAC Blackout 4s  Rifle  Large  Short  90575 Auto-Drum
284 Winchester 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90777 Auto-Drum
30/06 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90508 Auto-Drum
7.7 Jap 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90733 Auto-Drum
8x57 Mauser 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90544 Auto-Drum
35 Remington 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90543 Auto-Drum
35 Whelen 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90752 Auto-Drum
358 Winchester 2L  N/A  Large Long  90797 Auto-Drum
25/35 3L  N/A  Large  Long  90778 Auto-Drum
6.5 x 55 Mauser 3L  N/A  Large  Long  90627 Auto-Drum
30/30 3L  N/A  Large  Long  90506 Auto-Drum
300 Savage 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90545 Auto-Drum
308 Winchester 2L  N/A  Large  Long  90507 Auto-Drum
32 Win Special
3L  N/A  Large  Long  90757 Auto-Drum
38/55 3L  N/A  Large  in die set
 90762 Auto-Drum
222 Remington 4s  Rifle  Small  Short  90501 Auto-Drum
221 Fireball 4s  Rifle  Small  Short  90549 Auto-Drum
6mm PPC 12L


 Small  Short 90796 Auto-Drum
6.5 Jap 10L  N/A  Large  Long  90730 Auto-Drum
220 Swift 10L  N/A  Large  Long  90542 Auto-Drum
45/70 8L  N/A  Large  in die set
 90561 Auto-Drum
348 Winchester 8L  N/A  Large  Long  90760 Auto-Drum
33 Winchester 8L  N/A  Large  Long  90759 Auto-Drum
38/40 Winchester 14L  N/A  Large  in die set
 90761 Auto-Drum
44/40 Winchester 14L  N/A  Large  in die set
 90564 Auto-Drum
6.5 Rem Mag 5L  N/A  Large  Long  90773 Auto-Drum
264 Winchester Mag 5L  N/A  Large  Long  90774 Auto-Drum
7mm Rem Mag 5L  N/A  Large  Long  90538 Auto-Drum
30/40 Krag 5L  N/A  Large  Long  90555 Auto-Drum
300 H&H 5L  N/A  Large  Long  90560 Auto-Drum
300 Weatherby 5L  N/A  Large  Long  90558 Auto-Drum
300 Winchester Mag 5L  N/A  Large  Long  90539 Auto-Drum
303 British 5L  N/A  Large  Long  90547 Auto-Drum
338 Winchester 5L  N/A  Large  Long  90546 Auto-Drum
350 Remington Mag 5L  N/A  Large  Long  90776 Auto-Drum
375 H&H 5L  N/A  Large  Long  90559 Auto-Drum
458 Winchester Mag 5L  N/A  Large  in die set
 90800 Auto-Drum
32/20 6s  N/A  Small  in die set
 90751 Auto-Drum


Pistol Load-Master Setup

Cartridge Shell Plate Case Feeder Primer Feed Die Set Charging Die Recommended Powder Measure
30 Luger 19s  Small  Small  90754  in die set
Pro Auto-Disk
30 Mauser 19s  Small  Small  90755  in die set
Pro Auto-Disk
32/20 6s  N/A  Small  90751  in die set
Pro Auto-Disk
32 S&W 4As  Small  Small  90696  in die set
Pro Auto-Disk
357 Sig 19s Large w Small Slider
 Small  90270  in die set
Pro Auto-Disk
38 ACP/38 Super
19s  Small  Small  90623  in die set
Pro Auto-Disk
38 S&W 1s  Large  Small  90569  in die set
Pro Auto-Disk
38 Colt NP 1s Large Small  90569  in die set
Pro Auto-Disk

38 Short/Long Colt

1s  Large  Small  90276  in die set
Pro Auto-Disk
400 Cor Bon 2L  Large  Large  90430  in die set
Pro Auto-Disk
45 GAP 2L Large
 Large  90498  in die set
Pro Auto-Disk
455 Webley Mark II 5L


 Large  90764  in die set
32 ACP 7s  Small  Small  90622  in die set
Pro Auto-Disk
30 M1 Carbine 7s


 Small  90626  in die set
Pro Auto-Disk
41 Mag 9L  Large  Large  90628  in die set
Pro Auto-Disk
45 Schofield 14L  Large  Large  90323  in die set
Pro Auto-Disk
458 Socm 2L  N/A  Large  90409  in die set
460 S&W 14L  N/A  Large  90344  in die set
50 AE 11L  N/A  Large  90329  in die set
500 S&W 16L N/A Large 90288 in die set Auto-Drum
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Weight 14.30 lbs
MSRP: $384.00