Custom Rifle Factory Crimp Die 7/8 x 14" thread

Custom Rifle Factory Crimp Die 7/8 x 14" thread

Please allow 8 weeks for production

The collet-type Factory crimp die can be made for a wide variety of cartridges. Most cartridges will fit into the 7/8x14 thread die body. If your cartridge falls within the following parameters it will fit the standard 7/8 x 14 die:

Bullet diameter .172 - .501 (minimum - maximum)
Body diameter .295 - .585 
Case length 1.345 - 2.850 
(All dimensions in inches)

 We need:

  1. Dummy cartridge (a bullet seated in an empty case). The dummy cartridge is for testing purposes, so make sure it is within normal dimensional tolerances.

Please send your dummy cartridge, along with your invoice/order ID to:

Lee Precision, Inc.
4275 Highway "U"
Hartford, WI 53027

Unable to make the following cartridges:

  • 22 Rem Jet (too short)
  • 32 S&W Short
  • 38 S&W
  • 41 Long Colt
  • 257 Winchester Magnum
  • 460 S&W (you can use the # 90865 Carbide Factory Crimp Die for this cartridge to apply a Factory Crimp and post-size part of the case)
  • 475 Linebaugh
  • 480 Ruger
  • 50 AE (case diameter is too large to fit in the 7/8-14 die and too short for large series as a collet type crimp die. It can not be made as a carbide crimp die because the carbide would end up being too thin to have the necessary strength. If you wish to separate the bullet seating and crimping steps then purchasing a separate seating die body is your best option.)
  • 7.62 Model 1895 Russian Nagant Revolver
  • 56/60 Spencer
  • 500 S&W (use the # 90931 Collet Style Factory Crimp Die)
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Weight 0.30 lbs
MSRP: $25.00
Available for immediate shipment
Cartridge to be custom produced