Custom Case Length Gauge

Custom Case Length Gauge

Please allow 6 weeks for production

Custom case length gauges can be made for cartridges that fit an existing shell holder. Cost is $16.00 plus shipping & Handling. We will need to know the desired trim length, and either the bullet diameter or a couple sized sample cases. The last is so we know what diameter to make the mandrel. Our case length gauges have a tolerance of +.000" and -.015"

While there is really no maximum caliber, the smallest we can make is .22. We can not make anything in 17 cal or 20 cal because it is too small for our Cutter to trim.


17 Ack Hornet - too small

17 Rem - too small (17 Rem Quick Trim die available to use in conjunction with Quick Trim)

22 TCM - too small (Order custom 22 TCM Quick Trim die to use in conjunction with Quick Trim)

25 ACP too small

204 Ruger - too small (204 Ruger Quick Trim die available to use in conjunction with Quick Trim)

470 Nitro Exp - too large

500/450 Nitro Exp - too large

50 Sharpe - too large

40 Hanes  - No Shell holder available

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Weight 0.05 lbs
MSRP: $16.00
Available for immediate shipment
Cartridge to be custom produced
Trim to Length
Bullet Diameter
Lee Shell Holder # or Base Dia.